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What is IoTree

What is Organic Photovoltaic (OPV)

IoTree is a new, innovative and eco-friendly way of converting solar power into energy/electricity. It uses nature’s resources (Tree and sun) to produce clean and sustainable energy anywhere, any time. IoTree is easy to install, uses cost effective materials and requires no electricity grid, making it easy to deploy within our cities and in remote areas.

Organic Printed Electronics (OPV) are conductive polymers and inks that can be printed onto foil, paper, glass or fabrics, across large areas and at a low cost compared to conventional “silicon” electronics

The flexible, thin, transparent and lightweight qualities of OPV enables a wide range of electrical components to be produced.

How it works

Made from Organic Photovoltaic (OPV), a semi conductor that compromises of a photo-active layer and two electrode layers that converts solar power into electrical power. OPV is thin, lightweight, transparent and flexible material. The leafs are connected with a belt that wraps around the trunk of the palm tree. The power generated can be used in endless applications, similar to the power used from battery or electricity.



IoTree Implementations


IoTree can be used in many ways and it different places, it can be integrated within our cities or deployed in remote and rural areas. The implementations of IoTree are endless and its benefits are tremendous.

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  • Agriculture

    IoTree Smart Agriculture

    IoTree smart agriculture offers a sustainable, easy and cost-effective way to gather and transmit agricultural data. The OPV leaves powers the sensors that provides live monitoring of environmental data such as temperature, soil humidity and fertility, water irrigation levels and other important information. These data are then transmitted to the end user through iCloud system, providing a smart agriculture solution that is purely powered by solar energy.

  • wifi mesh network

    IoTree WiFi Mesh Network

    A powerful WiFi access points powered by IoTree and provides the perfect wifi solution for smart cities with an existing (wired) Internet connection or remote areas with no grid or Internet connection. IoTree can be used to cover a large area through a mesh network, It can also be coupled with an existing internet connection over WiFi and serve as a range extender to provide extended area coverage.


    IoTree Surveillance Cameras

    Surveillance cameras can now be powered with clean and sustainable energy using IoTree which does not require electric grid or cabling.

    It also provides a smart solution when connecting it to a cloud server, videos of solar security cameras can be stored on the server, from which data can be accessed from anywhere on a mobile device with an Internet connection.


    IoTree water pump

    IoTree is a cost effective way of converting solar energy into electrical energy for pumping water, the simple design and unique features of the OPV in IoTree makes it the ideal solution for pumping water in remote areas or in areas with no electricity grid. It is highly reliable, easy to install and provides a clean and sustainable solution.


    IoTree Telecommunication

    Many challenges and obstacles are facing telecommunication companies as they transition to 5G technology, one of these many challenges is energy consumption. The 5G network infrastructure are expensive to build as it requires numerous cells. IoTree  can provide the perfect solution of powering the base stations with clean energy hence reduce energy operational and consumption cost.


  • SOS

    IoTree SOS

    IoTree is the ideal solution for providing energy in remote and rural areas with no electricity grid. It can be used at emergency telephone stations, electrical car stations or even to provide light at night.

    The OPV material which is the main component of the IoTree leaf is durable, light weight and flexible making it the best option for deserted locations and harsh weather conditions.